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High Security

Traditional security fences of chain-link or wire mesh and barbed razor tape are no longer enough to meet today’s increased security demands. They do not delay serious attacks or intrusion attempts for more than a few seconds. Security Fence offers the resistive strength of heavy-duty steel spears secured vertically to a framework of specially formed steel rails and I-beam posts. The stylish design of our products, combined with its strength and security, provides a successful first line of defense. The structural configuration of security fencing system not only delays aggressive attacks, but also allows for the seamless integration of additional security features such as anti-ram cables, sensors and alarm systems.

We understand that it's just not the security level of the fencing system you choose to install. It's also about physical appearance and the ability to implement other security measures with minimal cost and time. Many of the high security products that we offer come in many styles that are visually pleasing as well as secure.

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